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Hi!  Glad to meet you!  I'm Suzanne, the super enthusiastic, driven owner of Hudson Valley Hitched. Hudson Trailer Company and Hitched Habitat. You'll find I'm a die hard Bronco fan, self-proclaimed amateur race car driver, and lover of all things design related.

Anyone who knows me knows I have always been a serial entrepreneur:  I've been in the fashion industry, a spa owner, owned a construction management firm, (still own) an event planning studio and am a lawyer as well.


One sleepless night the idea came into my head to hunt down a vintage Shasta trailer and turn it into a mobile bar to place on my upstate New York property.  Hudson Trailer Co. was born and three bumpy years later, my bar idea turned into many mobile bars, photo booth trailers, tap trucks, Prosecco trucks and so much more. 

After spending years in the Hudson Valley helping couples fulfill their wedding vision, I learned there needed to be a place that featured all the amazing wedding vendors and venues in the Hudson Valley, and so began Hudson Valley Hitched. 


The main element that runs through all my career choices is my passion for my client's happiness. I love seeing a giant grin on their face.  I am so excited about each one of my creations and I know they will bring the same joy to your event or business! 

Please click the links at the bottom of the page to follow us on Instagram.  Shoot me a HELLO! I love to collaborate and look forward to meeting you!


Cheers! -  Suzanne 

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